Monday, 28 July 2014

A Transfer Payment

The Christian life takes effort, and that’s a good thing; making an effort is the best way to know you’re for real. Be glad that blocking out time for prayer and Bible reading is inconvenient. This gives you an opportunity to prove that you really do love God, for we only make time for the people we care about. Rejoice for the opportunity to love your enemy, forgive the friend who wounded you, keep your word when it hurts, swallow the gossip you are dying to share, call in a favor to help someone else, and look away from the barely covered model on your television or computer screen. The burn you feel means you’re paying a price, which is something a hypocrite would never do. What has your faith in Christ cost you? Gladly pay it, and keep the receipt. It’s proof that you’re for real.

Wittmer's point is an important one. The "cost of dying to self" is not just for God. It is for us as well. When we experience the cost it should reassure us that we are living for him and not following the gravy train. The cost of Christian living is therefore what economists would call an internal "transfer payment". It imputes costs and benefits instantaneously.

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Saturday, 26 July 2014

One Minute Lesson (Lesson 18)

In him all things hold together. (Colossians 1:17 ESV)

Lesson :

Jesus is the strong glue that holds all things together


Are you in a situation that is falling apart? Only Jesus can bring it together.

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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Because of Jesus

Because Jesus is strong for me, I am free to be weak
Because Jesus is my defender, I am free to be quiet
Because Jesus is right, I am free to be wrong
Because Jesus won for me, I am free to lose
Because Jesus is someone, I am free to be no one
Because Jesus is extraordinary, I am free to be ordinary
Because Jesus is beautiful, I am free to be ugly
Because Jesus owns everthing, I am free to be poor
Because Jesus succeeded for me, I was free to fail
Because Jesus is first, I am free to be last

Bottom line:

Jesus is turning my world upside down!

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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Untransformed Desires

When Jesus transforms our desires, we realize that the problems we have with sin in this world are not because we want pleasure too much; our problem is that we want pleasure too little. It is tragic when so-called Christians live just like non-Christians, running endlessly after the next temptation, the bigger house, the nicer possession, the newer pursuit, the greater notoriety, the higher success, and the more comfortable lifestyle. Such a quest for pleasure in this world reflects a lack of contentment in Christ. Deep down inside, people seem to be afraid that if they let go of the stuff of this world, they will miss out on satisfaction in this world. But disciples of Jesus gladly leave behind the trinkets this world offers because they have found surpassing treasure in Christ. The passionate pursuit of true, deep, and lasting satisfaction always leads to Jesus.
There's something about the way Platt writes that just cuts the straight to the heart and leaves you gasping for oxygen! And thankfully it is available with infinite supply, if only we respond with genuine repentance.

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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Slay Yourself, 2nd Edition

I am currently thinking about a lot the challenge of Messiah Yeshua to me as his follower to die to myself. This is the biggest lesson I am learning at present. And he is bringing a number of good authors I have read in the past to mind. I recently quoted David Platt the call to "slay yourself". But here is how Paul David Tripp expresses the same challenge :
"From the earliest age, our love of self shapes everything we do and say. We fight over toys, the last bowl of cereal, and who gets the bathroom first. We work to be thought of as right, to be viewed as attractive, to win the argument with a neighbor, to get the promotion. We strive to be first, best, the center, the most powerful, the best known, the most loved. We really do love us and have a wonderful plan for our own lives! We indulge our desires and do anything we can to meet our own “needs.” If we were really honest, many of us would say that we would be completely satisfied living our own lives for the sake of our own selves. But Christ asks us to do something unthinkable. He asks us to be willing to say “no” to the one person we have the most trouble saying no to—us!"

It is an improbable ask, and one that is only possible through Grace!

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