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God at the Dinner Table

There is a fascinating scene in the  new global success TV series The Chosen . It is fictional dramatisation of events in the life and ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ.     Like all works of fiction that depict true in the life of our Lord there is a danger of not only crafting a man made image, literally, of Jesus, which is no Jesus at all but an idolatrous figment of our imagination.  There is also the wider danger that fictional events can come to dominate the true events that God wants us to know and meditate on the Bible. We already have the true Bible we don’t really need additional fictional details.  That said, The Chosen has been made, and in the “second best” scenario where you find yourself watching a TV series you are certainly better off watching this one, as long as you keep the above dangers in constant view.   There are certainly many excellent fictional moments in the film. One of my favourites so far is in Series 1 , Episode 2 . Jesus has come to a Sha

The Wonder of Christ

Man's maker was made man, that He, Ruler of the stars, might nurse at His mother's breast;  that the Bread might hunger,  the Fountain thirst,  the Light sleep,  the Way be tired on its journey;  that the Truth might be accused of false witnesses,  that the Teacher be beaten with whips,  the Foundation be suspended on wood;  that Strength might grow weak;  that the Healer might be wounded;  that Life might die. AUGUSTINE OF HIPPO ( Source : Sermons 184-229)