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Faithful Discipline

The faithful discipline of the LORD.  A hand, A stick, A knife, A sword.  Chastising every son adored.  This be my duty declares the LORD. Why dost thou fight when reproved by him?  Thy LORD and thy God dost hate thy sin.  But treats you as daughters and sons with him. How long will you be crushed under the weight of sin?  Go now, go now to his feet, and cry to him.  He'll surely hear you, delight in him. His hand is heavy upon my brow,  But I will go, i will go,  Let every saint wrestle with him. Surely the waters will not overtake the one who waits on him. ALEXANDER JACOBI

One Minute Lessons (Lesson 33)

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil. EPHESIANS 6:10-11 LESSON We are not as strong as we think we are. Your strength is not enough to withstand the superhuman powers at war with you. We need the strength and might that only Christ provides. Put on the gospel armour!