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Enjoying God

I have enjoyed reading Tim Chester's Enjoying God .  It is helpful because it encourages to go beyond intellectual knowledge of God and love and enjoy Him. Tim wants us to like God. All true followers of Jesus would say they love God, but are we fond of God? Is your spiritual instinct to think well of God and His intentions for your life? Tim believes the key to enjoying God is give ourselves to dance to Him n a trinitarian fashion, Father, Son and Holy Spirit I have read a number of Tim Chester books, so I must confess that I think what  he says in this book in individual chapters is better stated elsewhere in his other works. Also there is a part of me that feels that though most of our gifted modern writers like Tim are saying wonderful things, they are merely paraphrasing what old writers have said. It would be nice if many of us can read Owen and Bonhoeffer for ourselves. I believe that is much more beneficial in the long term than getting a few helpful quotes from Tim. Of c

My Year 2019 in Books

It was a good year of reading. My list of books read here . I will share in due course the top 10 books I read. But I have decided to substantially reduce the books I read in 2020. Down from 50 to 30 because I have decided to increase the movies I watch and music albums. 2020 will be a balanced diet! Most importantly I want to read more of the Bible in 2020 than all those things combined.