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On this page I have a list of key critical summaries and reviews undertaken since the inception of the blog. Wide ranging discussion of different books can be found here

Critical Summaries
Flourishing in A Digital World (Virtually Human, Brooks & Nicholas)
Screwtape Letters (The Screwtape Letters, C S Lewis)
Spiritual Leadership (Spiritual Leadership, J O Sanders)
Social Networking (Will You Be My Facebook? T Chester)
The Temptation of Jesus (Jesus Tempted in the Wilderness, Adolphe Monod)

Book Reviews

God on A Brain, Bradley L Stickley (Apologetics)
Competing Spectacles, Tony Reinke (Technology, Culture)
The Christian and Technology, John Fesko (Technology)
Do You Believe? Paul David Tripp (Christian Life)
The Art of Dying, Rob Moll (Antropology)
The Biology of Sin, Matthew S Stanford (Antropology)
Found in Him, Elyse Fitzgerald (Christology)
Man of Sorrows, King of Glory, Jonty Rhodes (Christology)
Trusting God, Jerry Bridges (Christian Life)

How Much is Enough?, Skidelsky, Robert (Markets, Growth)
What Money Can't Buy, Michael Sandel (Markets, Justice)
Economic Justice in an Unfair World, Ethan B Kapstein (Justice)
Injustice, Daniel Dorling (Justice)
Getting Better, Charles Kenny (Development)
Bad Samaritans, Ha Joon Chan (Development)
Politics of Global Regulation, Mattli and Woods (Regulation)
The Second Machine Age, Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee (Technology)
Exceptional People, Goldin, Cameron and Balajaran (Migration)

White Fragility, Robin DiAngelo (Race)
Warrior Princess, Princess Kasune Zulu (Memoir)
Reforming the Unreformable, Ngozi Okonjo Iweala (Africa)
The Challenge for Africa, Wangari Maathi (Africa)
When to Speak and When to Shut Up, By Michael D Sedler (Communication)

Popular posts from this blog

The Christian and Technology, A Review

The central argument of John Fresko’s  The Christian  and Technology  is that technology is a double-edged sword that requires cautious and intentional use. Continuous uncritical use of technology erodes hunger for the Word of God, makes us self-centred and turns our useful devices into idols. The book intends to promote proper use of technology by encouraging us to dig into our hearts to see whether Christ so fills us that nothing can drag us away from him. Fresko believes there is no need for us to flee from technology or become Luddites because technology is value neutral. It is not in of itself good or bad. Instead, we must focus on carefully evaluating how we think about and use technology. This necessarily requires us  not only to understand the relevant technology, but also understand ourselves. A key part of this is recognising that we struggle with technology because we lack contentment in Christ. The book explores explores six different technologies. I think the most fascina

How Churches Decay

Whenever and wherever the doctrines of free grace and justification by faith have prevailed in the Christian Church; and according to the degree of clearness with which they have been enforced, the practical duties of Christianity have flourished in the same proportion. Wherever they have declined, or been tempered with the reasonings and expedients of men, either from a well meant, though mistaken fear, lest they should be abused, or from a desire to accommodate the Gospel, and render it more palatable to the depraved taste of the world, the consequence has always  been, an equal declension in practice. So long as the Gospel of Christ is maintained without adulteration, it is found sufficient for every valuable purpose; but when the wisdom of man is permitted to add to the perfect work of God, a wide door is opened for innumerable mischiefs. JOHN NEWTON ( Source : A Review of Ecclesiastical History)

The Life of Man

Self-centredness  is the curse of the human race since men fell. What most of us need above everything else is to get away from ourselves, to forget ourselves. But we revolve around ourselves. We are  the centre of our universe.  We are always looking at ourselves. We judge and evaluate everything in terms of us. What it means to me and what it does to me.  All our rivalries,  bitterness and jealousies come out of that. It is true of individuals and  nations alike.  In addition to this is our  selfishness.  The wanting  everything for the self. The self-centred man or woman is always selfish. Feeding this self, pandering to it, wanting it to obtain things, and wanting others not to have it. We do everything to  build up and to satisfy this horrid, terrible self, which governs us and which controls us.  All that leads, of course, to being  sensitive. We   see  insults where they are not meant, and where  indeed they very often do not exist. We are hyper   sensitive.  Always afraid someb