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A New Community

This is the first video recorded message I have done for the fellowship. We are having to record our messages because of the current shut down. In this video message I try and encourage the fellowship to be thankful for the new community in Jesus and work for its advancement. The message is on 1 Thessalonians 1:1-10.

The Deception of Satan

It is fitting for us to be vigilant and observe on every side the machinations, deceits, and tricks of the enemy. For, as the Holy Spirit became in Paul ‘all things to all men, that he might gain all,’ so likewise the devil strives ‘to become all things,’ that he may nail everyone to their destruction. For he prays with those who pray, that he may seduce them into conceit by the opportunity of prayer. He fasts with those who fast in order to deceive them into a good opinion of themselves. In the same manner, he beguiles those who possess a knowledge of the Scriptures, wishing to ensnare them by the form of knowledge. And so, also, those who have been gifted with any light of revelation. For Satan ‘transforms himself into an angel of light,’ that, by the appearance of a false light, he may draw them to himself. And in a word, he transforms himself into everything, and to everyone, that he may subdue them by the deceptiveness of appearance, and so receive them to destruction.   MACA

Longing for Heaven

Let us consider, beloved brethren, that we have renounced the world, and are passing our time here as strangers and pilgrims. We embrace the day which assigns each to his home, which restores to Paradise and a kingdom, us who have been plucked from the world and set free from worldly snares. Who would not hasten home? Paradise we count our fatherland, and the patriarchs our fathers. Why should we not hasten homewards to salute our parents? There the mighty multitude of dear ones awaits us,—the crowd of parents, brothers, sons, longs for us, already secure of their own safety, and now concerned about ours. How great the joy to us and to them, of beholding and embracing each other! What the blessedness of these celestial realms; without fear of death, and possessed of an eternity of life, how supreme and abiding the bliss! There the glorious choir of apostles; there the crowd of exulting prophets; there the innumerable throng of martyrs crowned because of victory in conflict and suffer