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Let us pray!

I recently spoke on these simple words from St Paul:
Brothers, pray for us. (1 Thess 5:25 ESV)
There are three things that immediately struck me when I looked at this seemingly simple request.

First, this is Paul the Apostle requesting spiritual help from young new believers at Thessalonica. We must emulate Paul's humility.

Second, this is Paul the great Apostle acknowledging that he needs God to do all things. We must emulate Paul's helplessness.

Third, Paul recognises that all all believers have high level security clearance to enter the Holy of Holies, including young believers at Thessalonica. We are all in form and substance the new High Priests before our God. Quite extraordinary that a struggling believer is heard by God. What mystery!

There's a lot more in that simple verse. We can speak about the basis of the request ("brothers"); the direction of the prayer ("us"); the nature of the request itself ("pray" - what is that? is it a command pr request?); and, much more.

In short God's word is a treasure trove which we must use every moment to meditate on. Simple it may be do that all may understand - yet rich it certainly is so that all may profit.


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