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Scars of Grace

Promise Me by Aaron and Jeffrey remains one of my favourite songs of inspiration! The song pictures Christ speaking to the believer. He is responding to the unspoken prayer. The tone is deeply human and personal - and yet altogether transcendent and triumphant!
It's hard to imagine that I've been there too
I've felt the passion burning in you
Every temptation, I understand
Your Saviour knows what it is to be a man

I know what it's like when the nightmare comes true
Someone left a cross for me like they left for you
Trust me when I say, I've been where you are
The strength to live again my child is hidden in the scars
For those who stand, for those who fall
Strength is found in one place : beneath my Cross crying out for grace

Promise me.
Promise me before the passion turns to flame, promise me you'll call my name
Promise me.
Promise me you'll remember these scars of grace and remember I took your place
Promise me!
(Source : Aaron and Jeffrey, Promise Me)

In the first verse Christ speaks of the passion that burns within me. He says that as hard as it is to imagine, He, the Lord of the Universe, has felt the powerful force of temptation that burns inside me. I like the fact that the word here is "passion" because really that is the force of temptation. In the moment when the temptation comes its force is almost irresistible. He goes on to say that "every temptation" He understands. I love the comprehensiveness. There are moments when I am tempted and I easily sin, aI quickly  justify myself because I appeal to my "unique circumstances". But the Bible makes it clear that Christ was tempted in every way and yet without sin! That is not to say every infinite possibility, but it is to say, that in His humanity, "your Saviour knows what it is to be a man". What a reassuring truth. A God who became man and has walked in my issues. He understands every frustration. Every sigh! Jesus is like me in every way but remains fully God without sin! Even now in eternity!

Christianity stands apart form all other religions. Because in Christ, God became man, not content observing us from afar. He entered and walked our shoes. God is not remote. He knows exactly how it feels to be human. His relation to me is not merely intellectual or abstract, but real and personal. In Jesus, even now in eternity, He feels what I feel and know my fears and hopes intimately! The incarnation of Jesus is truly a game changer!

The second verse is also a gem. Notice the second half, "the strength to live again my child is hidden in the scars. For those who stand, for those who fall, strength is found in one place : beneath my Cross crying out for grace".  The incarnation tells us that Jesus is a man like us. The death on the cross, tells us that Jesus is man enough for us! And he is man in enough first for our sins - and then for living. His death enables our sins to be forgive and then enables us to live for him through the scars of Calvary   We are all sinners before God. Even when we became Christians we did not stop despite our new life in Jesus. But the Bible reminds us that Jesus has paid the penalty for our sins.  But not only that, but as John puts it he is also now our Lawyer by virtue of the scars he carried on the Cross. He is the Righteous Servant who laid His life for my sins!  And not just for forgiveness of sins, but also living! Jesus has truly paid it all!  My role therefore is to keep looking to the Cross. That is why the song says, "strength is found in one place: beneath my Cross crying out for grace". My problem is not so much my sin. That has already been dealt with by Jesus. What I keep forgetting all the time is that  line : "strength is found in one place: beneath my Cross crying out for grace".  And so it is fitting that the Lord asks, "Promise me you'll remember these scars of grace". And, I respond, Lord, I promise, please make me remember! 

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