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Are you currently praying for someone?

Then read carefully this priceless advice from Charles Stanley from his book Handle with Prayer
When praying for others, we must be willing to be part of the answer if necessary. If we aren’t willing to be used to answer our own prayers, we aren’t cooperating with God. As a result, He won’t cooperate with us; He won’t answer our prayers. Why? Because these are prayers of isolation and separation. We are saying, “God I don’t want to get mixed up in anyone’s problems. You take care of that.” Can you imagine Jesus doing that? “Sorry, Bartimaeus, I don’t want to get My hands dirty.”

God will not hear our prayers of isolation. If we aren’t more interested than that, then He’s not interested in our prayers. As long as we ask and do nothing, He will listen and do nothing. If it costs us nothing, we can expect little in return. Don’t pray for more missionaries unless you’re willing to go yourself or are willing to send your children. Don’t pray for another’s financial need unless you’re willing to give yourself. And don’t pray for the lost unless you’re willing to go to them and share what Christ means to you.."
I think it's true to say that 99% of our prayers for others are prayers of isolation. And no wonder God refuses to answer. We need to repent and start praying properly.

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