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Images of God (Legislator)

We have already seen that God reveals himself  in the Bible as judge, prosecuting attorney and defence lawyer. The final image of God from the court of law is that of God as the legislator or law give. The most well known scripture on this is Isaiah 33:12, which declares “For the Lord is our judge, the Lord is our lawgiver, the Lord is our king; it is he who will save us”. God is the legislator, the one who sets forth the law.

This is not the place for a full treatment of this area. But suffice to say that God’s law is a revelation of God himself. And this law goes beyond “moral laws” set out in the Bible. His law includes his general standards and norms with respect to the cosmos as a whole. God has put in physical and spiritual laws for the functioning of the universe. These laws are for our good and for His great glory.

As God’s creation we are obligated to keep to his moral laws as revealed in the Bible and fulfilled in Christ Jesus. But our motivation for keeping them is that we are sinners saved by grace. We justified by faith not by keeping the law. In other words Jesus Christ has fulfilled all the requirements of the moral laws of God on our behalf. We now live in honour of Him as a life of thanks for what he has accomplished already for us. Our keeping of God’s moral laws is out of love – as a transforming work of God the Holy Spirit.

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